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2 & 3 Waves Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Brief Introduction
PLC control and AC frequency conversion are adopted in this 2&3 waves guardrail roll forming machine, which can produce 2 waves and 3 waves' guardrails required by customers. Besides, this machine can also continuously form the tailor-made steel sheets and automatically cut them to length line.

Roll Former: (Cassette Type)
List of Components
DecoilerHydraulic DecoilerSet1
Leveling Device5 Rolls LevellingSet1
Servo Feeding DeviceDrive by Servo MotorSet1
Punching DevicePunching HoleSet1
Loop Devicepiece2
Guide Feeding DeviceVertical Roll Guidepiece1
Roll FormerUnique Roller Stationpiece1
Post Cutting DevicePost CuttingSet1
Support tableUnpowered Support tablepiece1
Hydraulic SystemDedicated Systempiece2
Electric Control SectionControl Production Linepiece1
Technical Parameters
Raw material Galvanized sheet, hot rolled plate
Yield strength235 MPA
Thickness 3.0-4.0mm
Inner diameter of coil Ф508±20mm
Outer diameter of coil≤Ф1200mm
Coil weight≤6T
Line speed of production 10m/min
Length tolerance of production±2mm
Power source380V, 50Hz, 3Phase (Based on buyer's request)
Profile Drawing
Layout Drawing

Loading of Material → Decoiling → Leveling →Material feeding→ Hole-Punching → Roll Forming → Cutting to Length → Plate

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