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Electrical Cabinet Post Roll Forming Machine

Electrical Cabinet Post Roll Forming Machine

Brief Introduction
Column model and welded steel base plate are adopted by the main roll former of this electrical cabinet post roll forming machine.

List of Components
Hydraulic decoiler1 set (decoiler capacity: 3 tons)
Leveling machine1 set
Servo feeding device1 set
Puncher1 set
Material loop2 sets
Main roll former1 set
Hydraulic cutter1 set
Hydraulic and pneumatic system1 set
PLC control system1 set
Rack for final products1 set (total length is 3 meters)
Technical Parameters
Coil WidthBased on actual test data
Thickness of suitable coil1.0mm
Suitable Raw Materialshot rolled steel plate (yield strength: 235Mpa)
Inner diameter of suitable steel coil¢508±10mm
Outer diameter of suitable steel coil ≤¢1300mm
Max weight of suitable steel coil3 Tons
Working line speed6m/min
Length tolerance of each final product±1.5mm/6000mm
Roll forming line power source380V±10%/50HZ/3 Phase
Final products width tolerance-0.2mm
Profile Drawing
Layout Drawing

Decoiling-Leveling- looping of material-Feeding-Punching- looping of material-Roll forming-Cutting–Straightening-Final products

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