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CNC 6.5m Folding and Slitting Machine

CNC 6.5m Folding and Slitting Machine

The digitally-controlled folding and slitting machine allows flexible processing of the workpieces which are unsuitable for traditional pressing system. It mainly consists of machine body, clamp unit, folding equipment, digitally-controlled backstop, slitting system, workpiece supporting equipment, hydraulic system and PC control system, etc.

This machine is with the following functions
1) The upper and lower clamp is driven by a hydraulic system to hold the steel plate. Then the particular articulated mechanism in parogram turns and moves to fold the steel plate. The maximum folding angle is 125°. The minimum folding angle is 55°. It folds without model and can press 180° by clamp.
2) It can finish the process of setting, clamping, folding and loosening in automatic or manual mode.
3) The backgauge is driven by CNC control system to ensure rapid and correct positioning.
4) It adopts specially designed control software to realize man-machine dialogue programming, live monitoring work, production plan control and other function.

Technical Parameters for CNC 6.5m Folder and Slitter
No Item Parameter
1 Max. folding length 6500mm
2 Throat depth 650mm
3 Max. folding thickness 50mm steel @ 250mpa
2.00mm soft aluminum
1.00mm stainless steel
4 Max. slitting thickness 1.50mm steel @ 250mpa
2.00mm soft aluminum
1.00mm stainless steel
5 Max. folding angle 125 degrees
6 Weight 5400kg
7 Slitting speed About 800mm/sec
8 Slitting mold Rotary slitter
9 Control system PC with 12'' LCD

Related names
CNC folder and slitter
slitting machine
folding machine

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