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Strut Roll Forming Machine

Strut Roll Forming Machine

With years of experience, we design and manufacture this roll forming equipment which is specially used for cables. Our strut roll forming machine is mainly composed of decoiler, leveller, puncher, roll former and cutter. It works automatically to help customers save on costs.

Function and Structure
The roll forming machine features a column wall structure. It consists of roller stand, base, transmission, roll bending mold and other components. The machine base is made by welded steel with de-stressing treatment. We use good materials for roller shafts. The roll former will have the tuck’s head to straighten the profile in high precision. It is easy to operate and make adjustments.
Mold hardness after quenching is: HRC58-62 for improved wear resistance.

Technical Parameters for Curtain Rail Roll Forming Machine
No Item Parameter
1 Capacity ≤2000 kg
2 Coil ID Φ508 mm
3 Max. coil OD Ф1300 mm
4 Max. speed 15m/min
5 Power of motor 3kw
6 Roller station material QT 470.
7 Shaft material 40 Cr
8 Diameter of horizontal roll shaft φ60 mm
9 Motor 15kw
10 Line speed 15m/min.
11 Roller stand 18+18 stands
12 Cutting tolerance/precision ±2 mm
13 Max. panel length: 6000 mm

Working Process for Curtain Rail Roll Forming Machine
Loading material → Decoiling→ Leveling→ Roll forming → Cutting to length → Run-out table

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