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Double Coverage Roof Forming Machine

Double Coverage Roof Forming Machine

Brief Introduction
Two hydraulic stations are installed in the double coverage roof forming machine. The hydraulic system is developed for the multi-station punching machine. Dedicated hydraulic control module is adopted in the hydraulic machine which is featured by stable punching and low noise.

List of Components
NameModelUnit Quantity
DecoilerHydraulic expansionset2
LevelingSeven roller modelset1
Servo-feeding deviceServo motor drivenset1
Multi-station punching Hydraulic drivenset1
Roll formerTorii structure, double rowset1
CutterHydraulic drivenset2
Final product supportUnpowered supportset1
Hydraulic systemSpecialized systemset1
Electrical control systemWhole line controlset1
Technical Parameters
Raw material Aluminum plate
Yield strength ≤300Mpa
Coil thickness0.8MM
Coil ID¢508
Coil OD≤¢1200mm
Coil max weight ≤5000 kg
Line working speed4-6m/min
Air source>0.5Mpa
Power source of roll forming line575V, 60HZ, 3 Phase
Profile Drawing
Layout Drawing
Finished Products Display

Workflow Decoiling → Leveling → Feeding → Multi-station punching (punching slots → notching) →Roll forming→ Cutting →Final product

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