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  • C/Z Purlin Changeable Roll Forming LinePurlin changeable roll forming line features stable performance, high forming speed, unique design, high efficiency and long life-span. Our purlin changeable roll forming equipment is mainly used to produce C- and Z-purlin.
C/U/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine,Z Purlin Roll Forming ,U Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Purlin roll forming machine comes into three types, C purlin, Z purlin, and U purlin cold roll forming equipment. Metal purlin forming machine includes hydraulic decoiler with breaking device, leveler, hydraulic punching system, pre shearing system, roll former with tooling, hydraulic cut-off machine, run out table and automatic stacking device, and more.

1. Our roll forming machines are designed with Mitsubishi PLC and touchable screen for data processing and setting.
2. Roll forming speed is up to 10-20 meter per minute.

Descriptions of Material
(1) Suitable Material Galvanized Sheet
(2) Material Width as per profile
(3) Material Thickness 1.0 - 3.2 mm

Parameters of C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

1. The size with "√" is company's standard configuration.
2. The size with "○" is optional configuration.

NO. a b c t L Coil width
Z1 100 54 50 2~3 40 234
Z2 120 64 60 2~3 (Adjustable) 274
Z3 140 64 60 2~3 (Adjustable) 294
Z4 160 74 70 2~3 (Adjustable) 334
Z5 180 74 70 2~3 (Adjustable) 354
Z6 200 74 70 2~3 (Adjustable) 374
Z7 220 84 80 2~3 (Adjustable) 414
Z8 240 84 80 2~3 (Adjustable) 434

Roll Forming Machinery Company is professional China-based purlin roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier. Our primarily products include double level roll forming machine, steel pipe forming mill. purlin roll forming machine, floor deck forming machine, cable tray forming machine, slitting line and filming machine, and so on. They are widely used to process sheet metal and form roof panels, shingle nails, glazed tiles, purlins, decks, downpipe and more, or for metal roll forming in steel shelves systems and highway guardrail systems, and so on.
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