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  • Roofing Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine This roll forming machine is a type of facility specially designed for continuous rolling and the cold-forming of steel sheet. PLC control, AC frequency and speed adjustment technology are adopted in this machine, in which automatic continuous production is realized.
Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

Ridge cap roll forming machine consists of hydraulic decoiler with breaking device, roll former with tooling, hydraulic cut-off machine, hydraulic pressing device, run out table and automatic stacking device, and more. It is specially designed to produce metal ridge cap, which is widely used to prevent water, rain leakage for industrial and residential applications with simple installation.

1. Our ridge cap roll forming machines are designed with Mitsubishi PLC and touchable screen for data processing and setting.
2. Roll forming speed is up to 10-20 meter per minute.

Parameters of Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine
Model Coil width (mm) Usage
HQ-300 385 Curve ridge-cap
HQ-130 396 Curve ridge-cap
Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machinee Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine
Descriptions of Material
(1) Suitable Material PPGI Coil
(2) Material Width 914 / 1000 / 1220 / 1250 mm
(3) Material Thickness 0.40 -- 0.80 mm

Roll Forming Machinery Company is major metal ridge cap roll forming machine manufacturer based in China. Apart from ridge cap forming machines, we also provide window frame forming machines, floor deck forming machines, slitting lines, cut to length lines, stackers and filming machines, and so on. They have reliable performance, high quality and fair price, and are CE certified.
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