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RF Tube Roll Forming Machine

RF Tube Roll Forming Machine

RF tube roll forming machine can be generally divided into five types, including RF150 type, RF200 type, RF250type, RF300 type and RF350 type, each with different milling width, milling thickness, milling speed and major motor power. The specific data for each category is directly shown in the table below.

Technical parameter of RF Tube Roll Forming Machine

Description RF series roll-forming machine
RF150 RF200 RF250 RF300 RF350
Milling width 50-150mm 50-200mm 50-250mm 100-300mm 100-350mm
Milling thickness 0.5-1.2mm 0.8-1.5mm 1.0-2.0mm 1.2-2.5mm 1.5-3.5mm
Milling speed 5-25M/min 5-25M/min 5-20M/min 5-20M/min 5-15M/min
Power of major motor 22KW 30KW 37KW 45KW 75KW

Basic components of RF Tube Roll Forming Machine
Uncoiler → Shearing and butt-welder → Forming machine → Computer cutting saw → Run-out table

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