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Cut To Length Line

Cut To Length Line

Cut to length line is very useful in uncoiling, straightening, cross-cutting to length and stacking. Our cut to length equipment features greater cutting accuracy, reliable performance, planned production, effective electric control system and flexible processing available. It is composed of single side or double side uncoiler, rough leveling stand, loop pits, roller table, automatic shearing machine, loop bridge, precise leveling machine, side guide stand, and run-out conveyor with automatic stacking device.

Parameters of Cut To Length Line

Model Steel Sheet Thickness (mm) Steel Sheet Width (mm) Shearing Length (mm) Coil Weight (ton) Space Required(m3) Leveling Speed (Max.) Power (HP)
RF-S420 0.2~2.0 600~1230 600~2440 5~10 5x2x21 40 m/min 85
RF-S432 0.4~3.2 600~1230 600~3000 5~10 5x2x21 36 m/min 90
RF-S460 0.4~0.6 600~1230 600~3000 5~10 5x2x26 34 m/min 100
RF-S520 0.2~2.0 600~1560 600~3000 5~15 5x2x21 36 m/min 95
RF-S532 0.4~3.2 600~1560 600~3000 5~15 6x2x21 35 m/min 110
RF-S560 1.0~6.0 600~1560 600~6000 5~15 6x2x32 30 m/min 150

Roll Forming Machinery Company is professional China-based cut to length line manufacturer. We have been engaged in researching and manufacturing metal forming machines for nearly 20 years. Our products mainly include roof forming machines, roof rile forming machines, floor deck forming machines, steel pipe forming mill, H beam welding lines and cut to length lines, and so on. They are CE certified, and have been exported to Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America and South America, and other countries and regions.
If you are interested in our cut to length line, or any other products, we welcome you to contact us for further information. We at Roll Forming Machinery Company look forward to working with you.

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