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  • EPS Sandwich Panel LineEPS sandwich panel line is composed of decoiler, coated film cutting system, roll forming system, heating system, electric control system, pneumatic system and glue spraying system, conveying roller table, and so on. This automatic production line combines mechanism...
Sandwich Panel Line

Sandwich Panel Line

Brief Introduction
Sandwich panel line is a type of integrated production line which includes a roll forming machine and a sandwich panel lamination system. Three types of panels, namely flat wall sandwich panel, push-in sandwich panel and corrugated sandwich panel are manufactured by this production line.

List of Components
5-Ton Mechanical Decoiler1set
Sheet guarding equipment1set
Film covering device1set
Flat sheet cross pre-shearing device1set
Roll forming system1set
Post hydraulic-cutting equipment1set
Supporting table1set
Technical Parameters of Sandwich Panels
Cutting length≥2 m
WidthPlease see profile drawing
Thickness Please see profile drawing
Technical Parameters of Raw Material
Sheet thickness 0.4-0.6mm
Yield strength≤235Mpa
Max width of steel sheet1200 mm (coil width accuracy ±2mm)
Inner diameter of coilΦ500 and Φ600 mm
Outer diameter of coilΦ1000 mm
Max. Weight of coil5 Ton
Technical Parameters of EPS Block
Density≥18kg/m3(Unstraightness for all sides ≤1mm/m, Curve ≤3mm/m,The surface of the EPS shall be even, Unevenness of the surface shall be less than 1.5mm/m, length of single piece of EPS shall be ≥3m.)
Core size of EPSPlease see profile drawing
Core width of EPSThe minimum width is 1/2 of the width of the sandwich panel
Technical Parameters of Sandwich Panel Line
Line speed1000-3000mm/min (Frequency conversion control)
Line lengthAbout 40 m
Working height1050 mm (Panel's height)
Effective length of lamination7.5 m
Control ModePLC frequency conversion control
Total electric powerAbout 35 KW
Control voltage24 V/110 V/220 V
Air source0.7 Mpa (prepared by customer)
Suitable working temperatureAround 25°C
Profile Drawing
Layout Drawing

Step-1 Roll Forming System

Loading of steel coil (put the steel coil into the decoiler)→Sheet guiding (steel sheet is guided into the first roller through the guiding equipment) → Pre-shearing →Roll forming of panels → Supporting table

Step-2 Sandwich Panel Laminating System
Feedback Form
Metal Forming Machine
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