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Slitting Line

Slitting Line

Slitting line is used in various industries for slitting, uncoiling and recoiling. Our slitting equipment is manufactured with high quality raw materials, and designed with effective electric control system. It consists of single side or double side uncoiler, coil cart, loop bridge, single slitting knife stand or double slitting knife stand, scrap winder, tension pad stand, recoiler, side guide stand and hydraulic system. Additionally, customized slitting lines are available upon request.

Model Steel Sheet Thickness (mm) Steel Sheet Width (mm) Slit Strands Coil Weight (Ton) Max. Space Required(m3) Slitting Speed (Max.) Power (HP)
RF-160 0.5~2.0 600~1250 10~25 15 25 x 8 x 2.5 120m/min 220
RF-180 0.5~3.2 600~1250 12~25 25 27 x 8 x 3 120m/min 225
RF-220 1.0~4.0 600~1550 6~25 25 31 x 9 x 3 100m/min 265
RF-250 1.2~6.0 600~1550 4~25 25 31 x 10 x 3 100m/min 360

Roll Forming Machinery Company is major slitting line manufacturer and supplier based in China. We mainly produce and market roof tile forming machines, window frame forming machines, floor deck forming machines, downspout forming machines, guardrail forming machines, double layer forming machines, steel pipe welding lines, slitting lines and filming machines, and so on. They are CE certified, and have high quality and reasonable price.
We welcome you to try our metal forming equipment, or any others. For order and inquiries, please contact us at Roll Forming Machinery Company.

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